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TourScape3D Base Layers

3-Dimensional models and 360 spherical panoramas are used as the "base" layers within all TourScape tours. These media types encourage exploration and create both inside and outside, open world perspectives. 

3-Dimensional Models

TourScape3D is the only virtual tour platform where 3D models are the base level. Built to support the latest in photogrammetry techniques (especially from drone mapping and scans) TourScape3D immerses viewers in real-world landscapes and structures. They are then presented curated content through Hotspots within the tour allowing users to explore their areas of interest from any angle.

This video is an animation of a 3D model of new construction in Boulder County. Animations are effective in guiding a viewer through your model visually with information all produced into to video file.  

360 Spherical Panoramas

TourScape3D is perfect for publishing 360 degree spherical panoramas. Our Panos are built from ground, aerial and underwater imagery, are high-resolution with zoom capability. This is a very effective and profitable method of presenting interiors, objects and walk-throughs. When combined with 3D model base layers however, a viewer seamlessly moves between one environment and the other, which brings a whole new level of immersion to your tour.

Embedded Rich Media

Flexibility is a key component in TourScape3D. This is what the internet was intended to be. You can embed essentially any type of rich media asset currently available on the web into your TourScape. You can even include other TourScape elements and outside vendor tours into your newly created TourScape experience. 

Mobile Website Functionality

TourScape allows for any mobile designed website to beautifully appear and function in its window within your TourScape. Desktops will get mouse control, tablets have to finger or pencil the scroll bars to move the webpage content within the window.

Mobile sites are resource heavy and affect your Tour load time significantly. Be strategic and try to select sites that are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Improving your ability to push more sites into your TourScape is a priority for us and we expect performance enhancements soon. 


We love videography and believe video is an important element in the Tour imagery and as optional content. We provide ground, aerial and underwater video production for our projects.  We know how important it is for drone pilots to continue to innovate the products we can offer with our aerial video.    

Photographs and Galleries

Photographs are still worth a thousand words. TourScape allows you to integrate your photographs or galleries into the system directly or pull from external sources. We use Adobe LightRoom Web Gallery files to build our current TourScape photo galleries.

e-Commerce Components

Retail and Commercial customers can monetize their TourScapes by directing viewers to your best online incentives, product details and shopping capabilities. If your online store allows for embedded product cards to be used, you can create a shopping experience within this amazing environment. 

Social Media Inbound Marketing

If inbound marketing and social media integration is a part of your marketing plan, TourScape is a part of your solution. Conversions within a TourScape experience are expected to be higher than many other web environments that you may be using. Our backend doesn't yet support analytics, but you can create entry points for any online campaign you may be using. 

Website Page Links

TourScape3D is a flexible 3D web publishing engine that you can connect to any outside webpage content in a single click. They are visually stackable and include descriptions. While driving people away from your Tour is generally not the idea, sometimes the best experience or value is enhanced with web page interactivity. You can always display a mobile website in addition to links as shown here. 

Science & Research Data

Visual Data components can be included to present logical information with a TourScape. Charts, graphs and spreadsheets are no problem.

Audio Soundtracks

Background music, interviews, speeches, cinematic scoring, nature and ambient sounds all can add a sonic perspective to your TourScape.  

Documents & Publications

Where would we be without our words? TourScape easily integrates internal and externally sourced written content. You can customize iframe and copy design elements and link to published assets anywhere on the web.