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Attend GreenSky's Session at Colorado's premier Preservation Conference


Drone Technology for Preservation Science, Digital Modeling & Public Engagement

Emerging sUAS capabilities have much to offer preservation and sustainability efforts in Colorado. Learn how aerial imagery is being used to efficiently capture site inspection and rehabilitation data for visual and scientific analysis. Then experience powerful visualization platforms we’re developing using high-resolution maps and 3D models to create online immersive experiences that inspire and educate. 

Aerial imagery solutions isn’t just taking amazing photographs with drones. We’re able to use sensors that see things our eyes can’t. A thermal image of a roof displays heat loss and water leakage. Accurate elevation maps and digital surface models help to better understand your site topography, surroundings and how to manage natural resources. Multi-media content about your project is used to create a custom, interactive 3D model that supporters and the public can use to engage with your project in a completely unique and powerful way.

Community Partnership

Preservation in any community cannot be done alone or in isolation. Preservation is a movement of people aware of their surroundings in a deeply connected way. Preservation is a movement of actions commited to protect our natural and cultural resources from the natural state of entropy that exists in Nature and in the human attention span. We care about what we know, so isn't it time to share your story with the world?

Crowdfunding Preservation

people & places connecting

Starting in late November 2018 GreenSky will be launching a series of crowdfunding campaigns to raise awareness and needed funds for some of Colorado's most valuable historic places, landscapes and human interest stories. MORE INFO  

The Historic Preservation program helps preserve the community's unique heritage, culture, and character by protecting buildings and sites that are reminiscent of Boulder's past. Community interest in preservation has resulted in more than 1,300 designated historic properties in Boulder, including 193 individual landmarks and 10 historic districts.

In 2013, the city developed a Historic Preservation Plan The plan outlines the different program areas in detail and identifies near-term and long-term goals for the program. More